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All trading involves risk. Only risk capital you're prepared to lose.

Who is Global TradeATF?  

Global TradeATF is a brand operated by Bayline Trading Ltd, an online Broker which provides its clients with high-quality services. The broker offers its client’s a wide range of learning tools that may help to increase professionalism and experience in the world of trading and investment. 

Regulation, and Regions 

The company that operates Global TradeATF is regulated by the IFSC, Belize.
Broker focuses on customers from outside the European region.  

Global TradeATF Platforms  

Global TradeATF review shows them offering a competitive service in the web-commerce and financial industry. The platform is created to assist its clients in trading with minimal risks. The broker contains three types of platforms: WebTrader, MetaTrader 4 and mobile app. Each is developed for the investors’ conveniences. The platform is full of a wide range of assets traded through Contracts for Differences (CFDs).  

Assets to Trade

There are CFDs on cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, indices, Forex, and metals. 

Trading cryptocurrencies differs from trading on other markets, such as Forex, commodities, or stocks. In the first place, any trader has access to the crypto market 24/7. Cryptos demonstrate the highest volatility compared to other assets, which leads to the extended market dynamics with potentially high roller coasters for trading achievements and risks.  

Electricity, gas, oil, coal constitute a group of commodities commonly known as energies. The energy trading industry has developed and made progress with uttermost rapidity in the latest years. The main factors of the energy industry are energy demand and supply. 

Forex both significantly influences the global economic system and creates the undercurrents for dynamic volatility in the world of finance. Currency pairs are divided into three main groups – major, minor, and exotic, based on the share of the global exchange market they constitute. 

Stocks are the financial entities that represent ownership in a company. Stocks grant an equivalent to every stock owned on the generated profits of the company. The price of stocks is established by supply and demand on the market when buyers and sellers place orders.  

Trading on metals overall is quite an addition to the portfolio since not a single aspect of our life can do without them. With the variety of metals offered on Global TradeATF via CFD trading and instant market analytics, trading on metals could become an exciting market experience. Metals’ markets are always energetic and offer vast opportunities.

Account Types and Offers 

The platform maintains account types that have spreads and leverage adjusted to your trading skills, the size of investments, and overall trading experience.

Traders can choose an account from Silver, Gold, or Platinum.

TradeATF provides the Silver type of account for newcomers. Flexible spreads and other benefits designed to provide the most convenient trading environment to start the trading experience with.

Gold is a type of account for those who have been on the market for some time. The spreads and leverage here are tailored for traders about to become advanced.

The Platinum account type is a powerful engine for the masters of trading. Spreads, leverage, instant execution are designed to power up with the trading conditions of this type for skilled traders.


The broker covers traders with different levels of knowledge and experiences. That is why, Global TradeATF offers educational materials to help the client to improve skills. On the platform, you can find V.O.D, eBooks, courses, tutorials, economic calendar, report season calendar.  

Customer Service 

As a responsible broker, Global TradeATF has qualified staff that consists of account managers, analysts, and customer support service. You can apply to broker management if there is trouble.

Global TradeATF is doing its best to provide an unparalleled trading experience and keep you updated on the latest market tendencies and trading currents. If customers happen to have any suggestions, comments, concerns, or ideas about our products and services, the broker would like to take these recommendations.