Broker Chooser Wizard

Its not easy deciding what’s important, so we’ve defined all your key questions to make wizard make the right choice!

Cashback Forex Rebates

Certain brokers will provide a rebate based on your trading.

Economic Calendar

Real time fundamental economic indicators, official data and releases

Trading Signals

Free signals for FX pairs, commodity, index, stock CFDs and Bitcoin.

Pip Calculator

Calculate pip values based on trading account currency and position sizes.

Chosing Your Broker

It can be a minefield, knowing what makes one broker better or more suitable than another. The broker chooser wizard asks a few preset questions, based on the most common requirements - typical of newbies and experienced traders alike - and returns the matching and our recommended brokers.


The first broker chooser question deals with regulation. Tier 1 regulators come from the toughest jurisdictions; namely Europe, North America, Australia and the UK. Otherwise, our brokers have offshore regulation.

Question is, are you fussed?
Is Trading With a Regulated Broker Even Important?


What about leverage? With high leverage, above 200:1, bigger profits can be made. Conversely, equally big losses. Or, you can trade with lower margin levels, to balance your exposure and risk.

Which do you prefer: High or Low leverage?


Trading Platform

Tell the broker chooser wizard on which platform you prefer to trade. Listed, are the most popular: MT4, MT5, cTrader, social traders or a not-fussed option.

Many brokers provide several choices, however some only one.

More Details!

Maybe you have a prefered minimum deposit, funding method or account type. How the broker earns can also play a part - all on spread, or pay a commission fee with zero/raw spreads.

Its up to you. The broker chooser will tell you who matches.






Pips spread