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  1. wow had to do some digging to find the best trader of all time in crypto face… they are supposed to be the best using the best indicator…. cant find his team in the top 11 of the english teams, anyone got a team id # on them?

  2. Getting Rekkt in these(EXPONENTIALLY RISING FN MARKETS) is just awful! In2040 your kids will be impressed with your stupidity! Going 100x long or 100x short on BTC is a small game compared to the larger game which is Savings Accounts and HODLing of BTC and ETH. If BTC is rising at a modest 2x/year, and you think you can beat that by using wedges, Gaps, Mac-D, RSI, the humpty-dumpty, or super-guppy indicators, then slap yoself! …This is not real life or real markets. It will not be always like this! You're not a genius! You're a fool! The reason you are a fool is because you don't realize you have something that's worth a million dollars and you play with it like you got money or brains to make money! You don't! 2 to the 10th=1024.Why is it that much?

  3. Website clearly states that on low leverage trading 3x that 72% of people are getting REKT. Much higher leverage = higher percentage of REKT. DON'T DO IT PEOPLE'S 🙏

  4. Why aren't you using Kraken? it's very good, the most reliable so far and the lowest fees… Or maybe you are, but they don't give money for referring?

  5. Yes you influencers are mostly in it for the Bitcoin(money)Yes you want people to make money etc But it is about you Making money and if someone loser all thier money on Bybit you Will sleep fine. Yes you Will mostly get rekt on the Exchanges unless you get lucky.and yes they are evil empires.

  6. Basically 4/5 are giving their money to 1/5 of the people, where the Youtube influencers get a great cut of the liquidated losers. Sunny and The Moon have no shame stealing money from their followers. But I guess if you fall for this scam then you deserve to get rekt.

  7. Bad for Bitcoin this Bybit leverage, margin, futures (you will lose your money and get rekkt), all these mainstream financial tools coming into crypto will ruin the space. Including the corrupt Bakkt run by the NY stock exchange….helloooo!

  8. The bad thing about all this is that who really make a bunch of money and suck away liquidity from the market are centralised leveraged platforms….

    This is harming the decentralised cryptocurrencies market.

  9. i lost all of my bitcoins in bitmex,it was a little bit more than 1 bitcoin. i was liquidated because i was stupid,i was very sad and i wanted to cry.

    Sunny i used to see your videos and be in the pulse of the news,i was with you in every live you used to, i was always in to your giveaways, it was a great and excited era for me!

    i now cannot afford to buy again, this ended for me,but its ok,i am now ok! 🙂

    So please please guys, dont leverage your bitcoins and dont gamble,please! it will end in seconds and you will have to face hard times.

    Wish you all the best and play safe! 🙂

  10. Thanks for the news I'm playing the sidelines while bitcoin plunges and shorts others leverage trading is a game changer but wouldn't you think bit coin be going to the moon with 88%of coins in circulation if no competition was goin on now everone is only getting nibbles n bits instead of being Millionaires

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