1. Paper trading seems like the way to go then for newbies until you can consistently make gains above the fees especially if you plan to start with a very small account.

  2. hey man i was just wondering if you can make video showing us what types of setups you like to go long overnight with.for those restricted under the PDT rule. I used to have a great setup for swinging OTC stocks overnight but in this market environment it doesn't seem to be working well.

  3. The truth is Suretrader sucks. They charge .01 per share. So for 1000 shares it’s $10. A round trip is $20. The only way this guy gets a discount is because he has a YouTube channel and has members. For everyone else, they get .01. There’s a lot of issues with Suretrader that I won’t get into now but believe me when I say this, keep your money with etrade or IB and deal with PDT. A lot better than dealing with Suretrader freaking nightmare of platform

  4. Hummmm just a thought. Look at Colmex. EU insured! 20-1 margins. Trade CFD's (same as trading equities) Cause it's CFD's instant fills <>, no routing fees. Yup I pay a cent per share but once volume is up can negotiate better plus 1.25 per trade. Safe, secure and fully EU regulated. Who can ask for more.

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