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Using a stop-loss correctly can MASSIVELY improve your trading success, as you can imagine….. I break down the 3 core areas of how retail traders should use a stop loss correctly!

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  3. Bom vídeo! Eu me esforço para entender em inglês, mesmo eu não ter estudado inglês. Eu vou entendendo naturalmente com ajuda de dicionário e como é pronunciado.
    Bons demais seus vídeos.

  4. Last part about you talking about moving losses, how does it differ from trailing stops whereby you had started making profits still would like to go on trading but to make sure adjust your old position stop-loss much higher near ATR below your profit accumulation. Make sense?

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  16. Can you explain how some traders make more money using mini lots that others ? Someone explained it as the contract size allows you to do so. I just don't understand how traders put mini/micro lots sizes and game hundreds of dollars where as I'm only getting a return of a few dollars and cents.

  17. Great content,as always,this is the kind of stuff we don’t get to hear from the common trading gurus online.Now,when it comes to profit taking,is it best to use fundamentals to exit the trade or have a set target to close the trade no matter the fundamentals?

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