Parabolas, $1000 Bitcoin & ETH Exit Strategies | Crypto Q&A Jan 2020


In today’s cryptocurrency Q&A, I’ll be addressing the following questions:

Could Bitcoin capitulate down to below $1000?

Will the next bull run be parabolic or slow and steady?

In terms of market cycles, where is the property market currently at?

What’s my ETH exit strategy?

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DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. I am just offering my opinions. I am not responsible for any investment decisions that you choose to make.

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  1. love your grounded way of thinking and that you are on 3speak! One small terminological point: it is not parabolic because it is not exponential. It is a super exponential "explosion" called "finite time singularity". In Dec 2017 it took BTC 18 days to move from 8k to 12k, 21 hours from 12k to 14k and only 15h from 14k to 16k! Only 2hour and 10minutes to 18k! And 3 further minutes to reach 19k. So in >finite time< the function approaches (but of course never reaches) >infinity<, it explodes. Much faster than exponential. Much steeper than parabolic. Parabolas are curves with >second order< functions like f(x)=x² this is exponential. It would take much longer to reach 20k, bubbles are often higher order were the exponent gets bigger, –> the bigger the price gets, a viscous circle.

  2. 🧡💛💚💙 About ETH & DeFi ….

    I am bullish as FUCK on Ethereum. I spent the past 7 days.. researching DeFi. I went from ZERO knowledge, to a respectable amount of how it works.

    And let me tell you… Ethereum is going to RIP the all time highs (against BTC) one day. I am sure of it, as sure as I'm certain that Bitcoin will get us to $100k .. This financial engineering is amazing. When the masses discover it.. holy moly.. wow…

    The way the DeFi works.. you can, risk free, loan out your money, to over-collateralized people, and get a 3-4% yield … THAT IS AMAZING

    And you can do it, WITHOUT PAYING TAXES because it's a Decentralized Network. How about that? You can do it anonymously…

    For $1m invested, the bank gives you 0%

    But for $1m in DeFi, you can get 4% a year (in DAI dollars)… $40,000 return… ZERO taxes…

    It's a no brainer.

    yield Chasers are coming to Ethereum.

    I've loaded up and instead of 100% Bitcoin allocation, I will do be 50% BTC and 50% Ethereum every month from here on, until Mooning begins

    To any avid readers.. Please do not take this as financial advice. I advocate for my friends to be 100% Bitcoin allocated this whole way through. But god damn Ethereum is too cheap down here, to not buy … Wow…

    At the most conservative exit from here, my first Profit target is a 3x on the ETH vs. BTC spread …

    For every 1 BTC allocated today I hope to get 3 BTC back (from Ethereum) as a first target… confidently… for the higher multiples, it will require more time (couple of years) but hey, it's worth it.

    This DeFi stuff is going to blow up.


  3. Louis how do you deal with the banks everytime I Use a bank once the next time they dont allow me to buy with coinbase and of late with binance too and also considering that the bitcoin machines have an almost 20% commission which is a rip off

  4. Time to relocate to portugal Louis. you know it makes sense. btw, you are spot on re uk house prices. Immensely frustrating and socially devastating. I also like the tweet on 0.75% int rates and 40% overdraft rates. Spot on again. Gone are the days banks even bother to offer savings accounts. Just follow the central banks and stack the debt. 2008 taught them all nothing. im in BTC and ETH for 7 to 10 years max, im older than you. Then im out in 100% cash.

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  6. Video idea: with an increasing number of countries censoring the Internet, and even turning the Internet off completely (such as India), can any kind of digital asset (decentralized or not) really be depended on, especially when compared to something tangible like gold or fiat cash? Same question applies to scenarios like natural disasters where entire power grids can be wiped out for months. With that in mind, how can a digital currency really ever replace something tangible like fiat cash? And how could bitcoin replace gold or real estate as a dependable investment if it can't be accessed if the plug is pulled? I'd love to hear your thoughts. (BTW, I absolutely love this channel. You put out great content. Keep it up!)

  7. What a stupid fuck. He doesn't know anything. Seriously….how is the difficulty calculated? What is an elliptical function?

    You don't know…do you? stupid fuck

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