1. Just a friendly reminder that the TD Ameritrade Brokerage is NOT the only option, its 1 of many. Find out the series of different options by using google and calling them to find the best platform for your needs! Thank you again for your time and Happy Holidays Team!

  2. What if you turn 18 but the money you will deposited in your account came from your parents what kind of account???? Custodial Account…. there's a 22 years old who spend his parents money trading he loses $2,000 then run away through our house never came back

  3. Do not copy and paste your email or password on web forms like this. It defeats the purpose of entering it twice. You're potentially copying and pasting the typos that it is supposed to catch.

  4. I have a question. So if my parent opens a custodial account when I'm 16, can I keep it when I turn 18 and transfer everything to myself?

  5. When I trade how does it work? Can I just buy and sell shares instantly as I please or do I have to get confirmation from the custodian?

  6. Try to open a 529 for your kids and you will spend all day in thrash and circle mod. TDameritrade is the most un-friendly user account possible. I gave up eve after talking on the phone. Run..just RUN AWAY

  7. Hi! I have a problem that I need fix. My dad opened me a custodial account on Fidelity and I was able to trade but then after, my account couldn't let me in anymore so I called them to change my password and I managed to log in successfully but… apparently I wasn't able to trade. I called them and asked why I couldn't trade, they said I have to be 18 to be able to trade and I told them my parents opened a custodial account for me though and I should be able to do it… and they said nope, I can't say anything more and I said okay and ended the call. Someone please help? I'm trying to trade again but they won't let me.

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