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Getting more from the Market Watch Window on MT4. How do I use the Market Watch window? How can we configure the Marketwatch window to give us a little more information without overwhelming us? Why can’t I find certain trading instruments in the “Market Watch” section? Right-clicking on the marketwatch window and clicking on ‘Show All’ will give you all the assets you can trade. You can also see things like the ‘spread’ for individual currency pairs. You can also easily see the ‘High’ and ‘Low’ of the trading session.

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  1. How do you choose accept/select brokers to partner with i.e sponsor your channel? Not sure about Pepperstone charging commissions plus spreads. Are they really the best for your viewers? Do you actually use them on a daily basis or just a business opportunity. Cos I’ve realised you brought a few sponsors on board lately e.g. HYCM. Just making sure you are looking after the viewers if you get what I mean.

  2. Can some one assist me on how to reset the Market Watch in my MT4 account as I do not remember where did I go until the market watch now is viewed on top of the chart screen instead of on the left which makes me uncomfortable.

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