Etoro – Why do 76% Lose Money? (February 2019 Statistic)


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The new warning on Etoro’s homepage says that 76% of all retail investors who currently trade with Etoro, lose money. That’s a really serious statistic, which I think is required to be there because of European regulations.

So why is this happening? Is it a problem with Etoro, or with trading in general? I’m not a professional, and I’ve only been on Etoro since 2016, but I talk about some of the things I’ve noticed so far which I think have definitely led to losses at least in my own case…

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All trading involves risk. Only risk capital you’re prepared to lose.
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  1. Don't invest in something you have zero knowledge about.. it's pointless and it's a coinflip. go for a market you understand, if you have zero understanding of any market just do something else with your money.. seriously.

  2. Good vlog if you ask me. English is not my native language but I do understand and hear every single word you said. Some dude english is too hard lol

  3. What I learned from this video. No point in copying the low risk 6% guys, you need to go for the risk level 5 guys with 170% or more on their investment. No big deal if I loose 2 grand. No point spending 2 grand on this if I get 120$ in return.

  4. Well if you trade small caps profitably on a small account with a good broker, you might make 170.000% over the course of 2,5 years such as warrior trading ross did … just saying that it is possible, you just have to put in the effort …

  5. Hi , great vids do etoro offer penny stocks do you know , I'm new to trading and in UK . I am looking to daytrade with penny stocks with a small budget of £500-1000 while I learn , many thanks .

  6. I tried binary options and lost 40$ from it. Would this copy trading be any different than a gamble? Im stupidly ignorant of trades but would like to try it out without having to be so indepth in this. Would copy trade be that good? Im pretty risk adverse and i prefer consistency than huge return. Any reply would be greatly appreciated

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