Broker Comparison Table

Deposit is a recommendation. Spreads are the brokers’ lowest advertised prices. Leverage is the maximum offered by the brand, and may only be available to Professional traders or “offshore” . Use the full broker comparison table to search and filter for full details on each broker, and many more. Click on All Details to view a list containing all the broker’s information. Please do report any inaccuracies to us.

Broker Chooser

Don't know how to choose a broker? You're not alone! Try our broker chooser wizard, and let him decide, based on your needs.


There a dozens of regulators out there. Get to know the differences between them, with this handy table.

Broker Reviews

Many brokers listed in the table have a detailed review, follow the link to learn more about what makes them tick.

Third Party Services

Need more? We offer a cross-reference table showing all the info available on each external broker review website.

Compare Broker Details

Its all there - and we wish you all the best on your trading journey.

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Forex Regulators

One of the most common filters, is looking up brokers matching a preferred regulator. Tier 1 regulators which impose strict controls on their broker through to offshore where the rules are less strict, examples being higher leverage and margin rules. Some quick links below:

Account Types

Finding the right 'type' of trading account can be tricky too, ranging from practice/demo accounts to 'standard', spread based, through to 'Pro' - the list is endless! Some popular searches listed below:


Trading platforms - which do you prefer? Good 'ol MT4, something newer like cTrader, a social trading platform or not fussed and a broker's own-build platform is ok? Here are some quick links to help: