Raw Spreads ECN Brokers

Use the table to compare raw spreads brokers. Raw spreads (no mark up) and “very low” spread trading accounts (some small mark up) don’t provide the broker with any income (or minimal). Thus, these types of accounts have a commission charged instead, usually a $ amount per volume traded.

Brokers offering raw spreads or ECN accounts are often STP brokers (straight through processing), or NDD brokers who “A-book” these account’ clients to another LP (but not always). Getting the “best raw spreads” or “lowest spreads” is often the goal of new traders – but the bigger picture should be considered (think cheap vs expensive car … price isn’t the deciding factor when considering “best”).

Deposit is a recommendation. Spreads are the brokers’ lowest advertised prices. Leverage is the maximum allowed with the brand, and may be with their “offshore” entity.

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